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10-21-2011, 11:04 PM
Kriss E
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I wonder, just how patient people would be for a tank??
I have no doubt the Habs would survive one, even if it took 20years. The Habs will never lose their hockey team.
But, what if the Habs would put on a show similar to yesterday's game over the course of a couple of season? I'm as big a fan as anybody. I'm more than just a Habs fan actually, I can eat hockey for breakfast, lunch and diner, I'm just a fan of the sport.
I'm not sure I would continue to go out of my way to watch the Habs play. I would not stay up to watch the games on my recorder late after work when I have to wake up in 4 hours to go to work. I would not organize my plans around the hockey game. If this is true for me, then I'm sure it must also be true for many, many others.

The idea of a successful tank is very interesting. Load up on picks, draft a couple of superstars, win a cup in a few years and possibly start a modern day dynasty.
But how fun would it be to be like the Islanders and make the POs 4 times out of 16 years (all first round exists) ?? Or the Blue Jackets and make it once out of 10 years?
Just how packed would the Bell Center be if yesterday's spectacle was our typical game night??

I'm not so sure tanking is a good idea.

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