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10-22-2011, 06:46 AM
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With the innordinate amount of $ spent on tickets, I think fans have a friggin right to associate their team with themselves if they so please, no matter how much it irritates some shmoe posing as a grammar Hitlerite.

His examples are weak (movies, books, dear lord - doublehanded facepalm accompanied by a huge sigh -, it's not because they are also in the 'entertainment' category that it means they are similar and effective as a comparison)

Again, all along his diatribe, he consistently forgets that the $ we put in is quite enough to be considered "participation or involvement". Again examples he has given are extremely weak and completely overlooks the fact that most teams that were lost (like the spos an Browns and whatever) was because they didn't have enough fans saying "we we we" la Agent Smith and ponying up the cash so the team survives.

Chris Jones needs to get a life.

And yes, I know this might sound ironic coming from a guy posting comments on a hockey board at 8am on a saturday morning, but hey, I just came home from the graveyard shift and wanted to see if there was a predictable "fire Martin" thread on the board. I wasn't surprised, to say the least.

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