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10-22-2011, 07:18 AM
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Originally Posted by justsomeguy View Post
Neofury - Didn't mean to sound smug. Was trying for glib. Read your posts regularly and think we'd probably get on well in real life.

Tickets - Buy em occasionally. Usually up in the rafters thanks to the resale market

Merch - Rarely and when I do it tends to be from teams that no longer exist or minor-league outfits.

OT- Love it, regardless of the teams involved. Doesn't stop my heart but does on occasion cause a rapid intake of breath and/or involuntary muscle contractions.

Pride in being a fan - You got me there. Can't admit to being a fan of any team any longer although I'm definitely more familiar with the Habs than any other team thanks to geography and history.

As to what you think I feel about how you feel about being a part of the organization - Don't apologise for using the word "we" properly. You can hold any opinion you want about pretty much any subject. It's one of the glories of free speech. Unfortunately many folks confuse fact with fantasy and sometimes the most strongly-held opinions are not reality-based.

No fans, you got no team - Or in wider terms, No customers, you got no business. Absolutely right but no matter how many hot dogs you buy, Lafleur's or La Belle Province isn't going to consider you part of their organization unless you are a franchise holder or management employee.

Same holds for the Canadiens, Canadian Tire, Air Canada or any other business.

Do not interpret this as being anti-fan or anti-fandom. Some of my best friends are fans.
Entirely false. Most companies and corporations will say that their clients are part of the 'family'. It would be bad for business to say otherwise (they might think otherwise though, but will never say it out loud).

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