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10-22-2011, 07:33 AM
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One thing that got hugely overlooked in this thread is that the 'we' is not only a referal to the team, but to the community of fans. We are together cheering for our team. When we say 'we', it's not just the team, but the fans too. It's not just me and the team, and it's we and the team.

And that bit about self-esteem made me laugh. My self-esteem comes from my ability to adapt and learn and to get through adversity. Hockey is friggin trivial. If anyone is getting their self-esteem from a pro sports team, they probably do not have a strong will and like someone else said, it's a minority, not the majority, and it's a weak generalization, a catch all response that is missing a whole lot of insight into the personal reasons as to why each individual associate themselves with their favorite team in this manner. For me, it's my family, everyone said "we" when speaking of the Habs when I was growing up. Nurture, not nature. I only use we because of the emotional attachment (Habs were bigger than religion in my family) and I use it even when we lose

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