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10-22-2011, 10:02 AM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
Honestly it's hard to let it go at this time. Washington is a much better team so it isn't just Hammer. But it hurts not having Hammer. We signed Campoli anyways which is half a Hammer.... I have tried to defend the move in the past but I can't anymore.

Lets just say word of mouth is that Hammer was devastated when he found out Gauthier wouldn't sign him for the fair deal he was offering. He wanted to remain a hab. Apparently he did what he did for his family but is upset because he's settled in Montreal and actually loves the city. Apparently many in the locker room miss him as well because he was a well liked player here.

I only found this out recently and it made me quite upset knowing Hammer wanted to be here big time and Gauthier wouldn't just give him the extra year. I support PG but to me it's kind of classless. He gave everything to this city, and no more than ever we see how badly our team needs his presence. He was overworked here and may have looked bad at times but he's a solid D. Biggest mistake.

If only we could convince Washington to trade him back now. I know we have some D developing who needed the room but I just feel bad for Hammer knowing he really did want to stay, and not like he's a bad player either.
Nice post..............

Hockey is a business I know. But I'll never understand how a team can turn away a top four d-man when the player actually had experience with the system, was a warrior through all of the injuries, and the team itself had a million question marks on D going into the season. And on top of that you have a player who had been loyal through thick and thin (mostly thin) and truly wanted to stay even in a city where much of the fanbase and a fair portion of the media disliked him for whatever reason.

Many would like to see JM go but I have a tough time firing a coach when the GM failed to have a plan for the big what if that is Andrei Markov. Sure Gauthier signed Woywitka and Campoli but neither is a top four and could do all of things Hamr did. JM during his tenure in Montreal has had a chance to work with the team's best player in how many games while PG has had ample to influence or make the decision concerning the team's D.

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