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Originally Posted by ProstheticConscience View Post
Ozzfest 1999. Original lineup of Black Sabbath plays together at Thunderbird Stadium at UBC. Also on the bill: Fear Factory, System of a Down, Godsmack, Rob Zombie and the Deftones.





I'm a bass player and did the whole band thing through the 90's. Whatever else any bands I was in were playing, we were always major Sabbath freaks. Tony Iommi wrote every good riff ever. Led Zeppelin may have invented **** rock, but Black Sabbath invented metal.

Master of Reality is the best album ever made.
Awesome, I was at that concert as well! Brings back some great memories. Primus, Slayer, and a few other acts also played. I managed to squeeze my way up to the front for Rob Zombie and Sabbath.

Thunderbird Stadium is a great venue for summer rock concerts. My favorite two concerts ever were both there: Ozzfest in 1999 and Radiohead in 2003.

Completely agree about the Zeppelin/Sabbath comment as well. It always annoys me when people call Zeppelin (one of my favorite bands ever) a heavy metal band. They played hard blues rock, but heavy metal to me is the sound that Black Sabbath invented: heavy, detuned bluesy rock together with ominous-sounding vocals dealing with creepy/occult/black subject matter.

Originally Posted by Raging Bull View Post
I remember putting on my dads "Vol. 4" vinyl back in the day for the first time. That album just comes out swinging right from the first track.

This is my favorite Black Sabbath album as well, and like you I also first heard it on my dad's vinyl collection (Sabbath is a good example of a band that sounds wayyyyyyy better on vinyl than any other recorded format, to me). You are definitely right about "comes out swinging" with Wheels of Confusion (one of their most underrated tracks). It also goes out with a bang - the outro to "Under the Sun/Every Day Comes and Goes" is one of the best codas to a song and album ever. In between those two awesome bookend tracks are "Cornucopia", "Snowblind", and "Supernaut" (among others), all of are killer tracks. What a great metal album.

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