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10-22-2011, 10:35 AM
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Originally Posted by mikeandI View Post
so when are they announcing this robert!!
the way i read it....alberta carries the biscuit up the ice with way to many average bears on the ice and score.
referees blank out and miss the entire shift. but as they are digging the game winner out of the net the Bisons go bizerk and the referees have a group hug and change their minds. you cant change a call like that! not in organized hockey as far as I know?? they blew the call. in alberta this happens all the time! but they do??? so Alberta has every right to say we protest. referees can't review a too many men call..... anyways robert i hear they (canadawest leadership) agreed with the average bears and gave the bears back a point and the W.
but hold on now the Bison are now appealing...stay tuned
So that's what is happening. I would imagine the Bison argument would go like this:

- The officials made an error in not blowing play dead right away.

- The officials made an error when not penalizing Alberta for a penalty right away.

- If everything was done right, you end up right where the game ended up - with Alberta getting a penalty and Manitoba a game-winning goal.

In any event, the rankings do not change since they are based on results, not board-room decisions and deemed forfeitures.

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