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Originally Posted by pavelbure44 View Post
So what if I use "we" when talking about the Habs in order to boost my self esteem? Why is that a problem? I watch the habs because I enjoy watching them, especially watching them win. If that's partially because it gives me a self esteem boost or whatever other psychological theory you want to refer to, so what? I thought watching the Canadians was supposed to make me feel good?
That's the key point and you are totally right ! I will keep using we because it feels good. I will wear a jersey at the game because it feels good. Who is entitled to tell me to use it or not ?

As a basic rule, people are free to do whatever they like to as long as it's not illegal, it does not hurt them (even be discussed) and they don't grief/hurt/damage others.

I am highly annoyed by bandwagonners who use "we" after a victory and "they" after a loss (though I understand this is basic human functioning). Angered even - will I go and attack them ? No - just tolerate my anger, maybe unleash it harmlessly on a internet board and keep on using "we" in real life.

One of the big issue with this world is some people telling other people what they should do , without any other reason but "that's what I would do so it must be the right thing".

So what if you are left handed - you should try to write with the right hand - it is called "right" for a reason.

So what if you think you are gay - you should try a bit harder to be straight then you will become normal.

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