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Originally Posted by CJam613 View Post
I really don't want to have to dig up the stats again, but Anderson has better stats than both Carey Price and Jaroslav Halak over the last 4 years. Dunno where this misconception has come from that he's a horrible goalie.

Just watch Ottawa play. They've had some early season struggles because they've played some of the hotter teams in the NHL right now and they're a team full of rookies, new players, players returning from injury, a new coach and a brand new system. Even with that they've managed to dominate Minnesota and Winnipeg, and make games against Detroit, Toronto and Washington (they should have won this one) competitive. They've really only played two bad games this year.

Ottawa is a far cry from being as horrible as teams like Edmonton, Winnipeg and Phoenix. Columbus and Calgary have also looked really bad. Really don't know where this sudden confidence has come from in Edmonton considering they haven't changed their roster pretty much at all.

Ottawa won't be a bottom 5 team this year.
They may have been the two worst games played by any team this year, at home to boot.

You haven't watched any of those teams play every night, you may have caught them at their worst. What if someone caught us against Colorado and only then...

After their 5th loss of the year the teams they had lost to had combined for 1 loss. They could move to 3-0 against non-playoff teams tonight and they don't exactly have a tough sched in the coming week. If they get through to next saturday with 2-3 wins it may be a little clearer they aren't the last place team everyone expects they are.

I'd say lottery is very realistic. How good the Sens are will depend largely on the development of Cowen, Rundblad, Zibanejad (assuming he sticks) and then the goaltending of Anderson. Rundblad and Cowen are taking steps already it will be interesting to see how many minutes they are getting by Christmas. They've shown nice flashes...I do believe by the end of the year Rundblad and Zibanejad will make very big improvements. Zibanejad in particular is already a strong NHL skater that gets around the rink very easily and has flashed a ton of high end raw ability. I think he's a top 10 prospect in the game and surer bet then Rundblad.

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