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10-22-2011, 03:38 PM
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For me it's a habit. I've said the words "We", "Our" or even "My" when talking about the Habs many times in the past. "My" seems to come out a lot more when the Habs win for some reason.

I also use those words a lot when I'm online, especially when I'm posting away from the Habs board. It's much easier to make a comment like "I hope we crush the Leafs tonight". Then to say "I hope the Montreal Canadiens (or Habs) beat the Leafs tonight." To me it also shows the person that I'm talking too, that I am a fan of the Habs. That is, if my username and avatar didn't give it away first.

As for wearing jerseys to the game. I don't see a problem with that regardless of your age. The whole point of going to the games is to be entertained and to have fun. If you're having fun wearing a jersey, who is anyone to judge? Especially me, since the majority of the time I'm around my house. I have some kind of Habs apparel on. For example, right now I'm wearing shorts with a Koivu t-shirt and a white Habs baseball cap.

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