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10-28-2003, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Fletch
And yeah, TB, Manny Part Deux. I have a feeling that Sather's made up his mind that Lundmark is not going to be the scorer in the NHL that you'd want him to be. He may be right, but I thought that he could've been ridden more when he was playing well, but his time seemed to just decrease.
Manny Part Deux?!?!! Sather made up his mind?!?!? ugh...come on guys. You are smarter then this. Wasn't it just 2 games ago that Sather switched Lundmark to Lindros' right wing which is definitely viewed as a spot on a scoring line. What screwed it up is that Lindros had to up and get hurt again. So Rheume comes in for, what, 2 weeks and then once Lindros is back you can expect Lundmark to be on his right side again with Rucinsky back on the left. I don't think Sather has given up on Lunmark and he just doesn't want to juggle ALL four lines this early just to accomidate Lundmark's offensive needs. If this was a permanent move then I'd be as pissed off as much as you guys.

And I also feel a little dissapointed that Lundmark hasn't shown more this year but hopefully he'll come around.

On D-Lac: I agree with the thought that his game is the show of energy along with checking which throws teams off their game and puts the Rangers in the game and he hasn't done much of that so far this season. Those are his strengths and he has to play to those strengths. He can go unnoticed on a checking line but has a (+/-) of -2 so he's on the ice for more goals against then goals for. Moving him onto Rheume's line temporarily gives him a center that plays the same type of energy game. They forecheck/muck in the corners while Lundmark provides a little scoring touch along with some youthful exuberance also.

That leaves Rucinsky on the checking line which is ok with me since I think Rucinsky has been decent defensively. Granted I think this all changes once Lindros gets back anyways. No big deal.

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