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10-22-2011, 04:39 PM
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Originally Posted by CJam613 View Post

So what are you proving with this? That you actually have no basis for saying that Ottawa has played worse than Edmonton? Edmonton has the same number of wins. One less loss. With that in mind...

Combined record of teams that Edmonton has lost to:

8 - 8 - 3

Combined record of teams that Ottawa has lost to:

24 - 3 - 2

Not only that but Ottawa should have beaten Washington and could have easily won the games against Detroit and Toronto with a bit of puck luck and without some really bad calls.
I don't even know what you're arguing and you're just coming off as a straight up homer with no objectivity at all.
Edmonton has 2 more points in 1 less game played and....

Ottawa has a goal differential of -11
Edmonton has a goal differential of -1

Again, you're talking about lack of puck luck and about the fact that Ottawa could have easily won the games but i can easily make dumb excuses for Oilers losses also but i'm not because they lost and that's all that counts in the win-loss column but if you insist....

The Oilers had 1-0 leads going into late in the 3rd period of their last 2 games but they lost both one in regulation and one in a shootout. Woulda shoulda coulda, doesn't matter, they still lost.
Put down your homer glasses and just accept that Ottawa has been underwhelming thus far this season. I'm sure that even your fellow Sens fans (the rational ones at least) would admit that.

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