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10-22-2011, 04:57 PM
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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
Are you drunk or high or both? Where did i say that the Oilers should be 4-1-1?
You were the one making excuses for Ottawa's futility, i was merely stating how dumb it is to make excuses for losses.
Yep, it was "Copper" that said that. My bad. My point still stands. Ottawa has only been out of two games it has played this year and has had very good showings against top teams. They're still adjusting to a new coach and brand new system with new players etc. It's impossible to say where they'll really end, but they've shown a lot of stuff that indicates they'll not be in the lottery bid for Yakupov.

We'll see as the year goes on but good money is on Ottawa not being close to last in the league.

Originally Posted by MarcWagz View Post
why on earth wouldn't you want to be?

The team you have now isn't going to win a playoff series, you may as well try to get Yakupov.
I don't believe in cheering for my team to lose under any circumstances. Do I see the benefit of being a lottery team? Of course. But I'll never want my team to lose.

Originally Posted by rodwan553 View Post
This is ridiculous. Even as a Sens fan, I'd be shocked if we're not a lottery team. You seem to be a homer on every aspect of the team.
I only post what I see. Ottawa has not shown the makings of a lottery team especially when I've seen a lot of the other eastern conference teams playing. Ottawa is being severely underrated as a team because of two bad games. Meh this isn't worth arguing. Any time someone argues against people for his own team he'll only be perceived as a "homer."

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