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Originally Posted by SirKillalot View Post
You can say what you want, but if you take a look at the first two games in Stockholm, you could see that Zuccarello was the first forward back on almost all occasions when he was on the ice. No, he's not going to bully people in the defensive zone, pick-pocket yes.

How many times did Anaheim get a two-on-one in that game? 5-6?
MZA has always been the first guy back-checking going back to last season. He was a plus player last season. He wasnt on for a single goal against this season. That bad defensive player label is not just in my opinion. Sometimes Torts says things to motivate a player or justify a move but the actual statistics do not back up that bad defensive player label some MZA detratactors like to use.

There were several teams that wanted to sign MZA last season. Him averaging .55 points per game and the 3rd best points per minute played on the team will mean he will have teams wanting him again.

Going back to the thread title I'm surprised some people want yet another grinder. Most our forwards already are grinders. Are we trying to turn hockey in to soccer where we have a goal every 40 minutes or so? There is no rule that the 3rd and 4th line must be filled only with lesser skilled grinding players. Some teams do it because they dont have a choice. We have enough skill to make a 3rd line that can be a legit scoring threat and then plenty of grinders to make a solid checking line out of the 4th line.

Feds-Rupp(or Newbury)-Prust

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