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10-22-2011, 06:53 PM
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Eureka! I've got the answer! Why - it's so obvious!

We, the fans, aren't joiners who've leeched onto the Montreal Canadiens. The Montreal Canadiens have, in fact, joined us.

Each player arrives here, slips on the jersey with the ancient "C" and becomes a link to a rich history stretching back to before they were born. As individuals, without the city and legacy, they're just a pickup team of this year's mercenaries. Players, coaches and brass have been coming and going in constant flux for a century -- but the Canadiens existed before they arrive and they'll exist after they leave. Each person who joins the Canadiens joins something bigger than a salary or personal accomplishments -- they've jumped onto the proudest bandwagon in hockey history. It's a history that's bigger than a single season or a single GM, and it's even bigger than a single owner.

And who's the flag bearer for that history? Who's the only thread connecting Gionta to Koivu to Roy to Lafleur to Beliveau to Richard? Who's the single witness to all 24 Stanley Cups? Who fills the Forum and Bell Centre and funds the team's existence? It ain't a player, coach or owner -- they're caretakers. It's us, the fans. "We" are the Canadiens more than any person. "We" were here before Gauthier and Molson, and "we" are STILL here decades after Pollack and Blake. "We" keep the flame lit, because without us there is no revenue, no loyalty. Without us, nobody's home.

We root for them, we pay for them, we remember their past, we honour their present. If the Montreal Canadiens aren't "Our" team, well, there's nobody else who can lay a better claim.

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