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10-22-2011, 07:39 PM
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Can anyone here give me a run down on Booth? What kind of player he is, what his upside is, what he's struggling with these days, what he's like in the room, etc? I know surprisingly little about him, but everyone on the Van boards is pretty jazzed.

As to your new guys...

I'm going to miss Samuelsson. The guy goes through stretches where he's an absolute wizard, piling up points seemingly at will. He loves to shoot, and can occasionally snipe one (although he's a bit of a logo hunter), and is an underrated puck mover with good veteran smarts. When the spirit moves him he can play good system based defense, and he has a big body and can be incredibly irritating in scrums. Seems like an affable personality in the room, too, and is quite frank in interviews. Downside...when he's not streaking, he can sometimes look like the worst hockey player in the history of the sport...takes long, lazy, ineffectual shifts...turns the puck over to kill rushes...and evaporates defensively. These occasional bursts of apathy soured a lot of Canucks fans on him despite his extremely good production for his salary.

Sturm...we only got to see him for a few games in Vancouver, and he was struggling badly with the system during that time. May have lost a step with age and injury, but I don't feel qualified to really give an honest assessment of the guy. He did look much better in the last game he played.

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