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10-22-2011, 11:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Gert B Frobe View Post
Seriously shut the **** up - you're predicting the best goalie that ever played in your godforsaken corner of the desert isn't good enough to start in the NHL? (or maybe you're just another Leafs fan that adopted an American team from the western conference as "your team") You don't remember that he was responsible for 75% of all the wins that crap team has had for the last couple seasons? Here's a prediction for you: I predict you don't hit 6,000 in average attendence and lose your franchise within 2 years to some Canadian city that lists Mrs. Paul's as it's biggest employer. Bryzgalov wasn't the problem tonight it was Fartsmell taking the only penalty after the team skates hard to make it a 1 goal game and he has to be the tough guy and take the only ****ing penalty out of a huge scrum.

So let's give Hartnell 15 more games, see what he does then they will probably have to send him to Adirondack if he won't waive his ntc. All these posters saying - trade him for a late pick or a prospect just don't get it. He makes 4.2 million ****ing dollars. A bad contract will have to come the other way. Like maybe Wade Redden or Yashin or maybe Dipietro...
Bob is a better option than Bryzgalov.. Bryz is just not that good ..

I'm going to also guess in less than two years many will consider the signing of that uninspired Russian, the worst Flyer signing of all time..

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