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10-23-2011, 12:41 AM
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Build It Don't Waste It!!

For years! This team is notorious for getting players either playing above their potential, or putting players in positions where they cannot succeed. Go back as far as Holik as a 2nd liner, or Drury getting 1st line pay and expectations. When you look at this roster, and see how they're building it into a 4 offensive line, 3 defensemen pair team its head scratching! Granted of my one gripe it really doesn't mean to come at our home built defense because barring injuries we have..

Staal - Girardi (which are a great 1st pair and have proven to be that 25 - 30 min a night top pair for years now)

McDonagh - Sauer (worked last year beautifully and this year both proved we would still be impressed by their play currently)

Del Zotto - Erixon (yes they're kids, however not hurting us tremendously and any young kid needs experience so if we could ice this top six rather than playing the merry - go - round, with Woywitka, Bell, and Eminger...I think our defense would be a possible strength.)

What I refuse to comprehend and this comes from a player that has played in juniors, and college is Torts' refusal to..

1. Keep his lines together!!!!

Second of all again we are messing around with players that were successful at different ways. For example Mike Rupp was a 10 minute per game player with the Pens last year. This year we average him out to around 6 minutes. This is a big man that can skate and help sustain pressure in the other teams zone yet we treat him like a scrub and yet he was a 10 min p/game guy for a TRUE Stanley Cup contender...hmm...

I wanna see Torts play his lines

First line 22 mins
Second line 18 mins
Third and Fourth 10 a piece.

Why? Because we don't have 5 minute per game scrubs if he inserts the right talent. Which brings me to my final point in that we do not have the right pieces for what we are building..Now I will say this, first off that I know we have some young drafted talent that rather and block them with acquiring a player...for example signing Parise at 10 years next summer they may want Kreider to become the other top left wing with Dubinsky. Now what I think this Rangers team should do is give yourself as much depth as possible and let the boys gain some chemistry!

XXXX - Richards - Gaborik
Dubinsky - Stepan - Callahan
Hagelin - Anisimov - Fedotenko
Rupp - Boyle - Prust

If I'm Sather I'm looking at one year options that could possibly benefit this team and I think he should be talking Carolina into swapping Ruutu to us for a package. Put him on left wing with Richie and Gaborik.

Bring Hagelin up he clearly can handle the AHL and looked good in Pre-season for the most part, but if there's one thing we need from our forwards is more speed and Hagelin will bring us that. I also switch Artie and Stepan because that pack line has nothing this year, and Stepan has at least more creativity which should help move that puck around a bit easier with Dubi and Cally who show they still have chemistry too..

Lastly there's no point in keeping Fedotenko on with Boyle and Prust..You have Rupp and Boyle here for 3 years and we all know Prust will be extended...So make them gain chemistry and there's a line worth Keeping for the next three years..Find a one year stop gap for the top line then hopefully Kreider fits in there like a glove next year. Its up to the rangers to make a fit on lines 2 and 3.

Idk thats my rant but Christensen with minimal ice time is just a waste let him catch on with a team in need of skill like a calgary, or wherever! Bottom Line this team is just waaay to frustrating to handle some nights with coaching decisions and management roster choices...Personally I always applaud the efforts of GM's that arent afraid of the big move..Philly going after Pronger, and ditching Richards, and Carter..or Burke going after Kessel and Phaneuf..we have all these assets and we refuse to go after anything meaningful for this club...Don't get me wrong Richards was a great signing but I wanna see us go after a 20 something offensive threat. Its great for the fanbase that a player like Richards was contacted and saw as a need of this team and we got the job done to sign him..But I want this team to make a trade for a weakness of this team to fix our problems early on so this fanbase can see this ownership and management want to win...and win now..!

All this talk about setting up a team for the long haul of becoming winners or at least threats of winners won't happen with how we are build if this team wants to great 10 years of upper echelon dominance that they need to trade Lundqvist, Richards, Gaborik, Del Zotto, Dubinsky, ect and start from fresh and acquire all this young "high end talent" Because our young difference makers are not game in, and game out difference makers like Hall, Eberle, and Nugent are for Edmonton, or Malkin, Crosby, and Letang for Pitt, or even Getzlaf, Perry, and Ryan for Anaheim,

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