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10-23-2011, 12:48 AM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
i'm not in favor of "tanking" (though I don't really buy that any team does, unless it's an internal cap issue where they sell off assets to save money), but I am in favor of a GM with the balls to look at his roster, realize it's more than 1-2 pieces away & doesn't see the solution internally (prospects near NHL ready) or have the short-term cap flexibility to dramatically improve the roster via trade/UFA, and decides to move all of the pieces he deems expendable (from the POV of not being key personnel he wants/believes in long-term) in exchange for assets that will "mature" later (ie picks/prospects).

Is there no point where you'd look at this roster, and prefer that the team forgo emphasizing just "making the playoffs" for the sake of it with the mantra that "anything can happen" (as opposed to a team that has the confidence/expectations, and results/performance to back it, that they are going for the Cup "or bust"), in favor of getting the most we can in return for UFA's to be and players who are expendable (as described above)?

I wouldn't even argue that now is the time to make that decision, it's still early, and as much as it seems impossible given how the team is playing, we could go on a run in November or December and put ourselves right back on the path to a top-4 finish/home-ice in the playoffs.

but if we do get to late november/december, and the team is still floundering below the 8th seed, how long do you wait until focusing more on next year/beyond? or do you figure that the habs simply must always push for a playoff spot this year, regardless?
While I dont agree with the concept of tanking (or whatever one wants to call it), I agree that the decision to buy/sell have to be now, or soon, If there's one thing I dont want us to be is last year NJ where their 2nd half was so good they moved up the rankings... but didnt made the PO regardless, they ended up with an average pick #, while not even giving the fans a few games of PO...

So, if PG think we have what it takes to make the PO and have a decent run, he has to do something now, not after the next 3 or 4 losses... same thing if he feels we wont amount to much this season, he has to prepare for selling now (although outside Cammy/Plek, well...)

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