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10-23-2011, 03:15 AM
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Dump & chase : System? Or lack of talent?

I think this is something we all need to look into. We all see it. It doesn't take a genius to realize this team skates the puck up to the red line, and often dumps the puck in only to go chasing after it. Yes, it's hockey 101 and it's a safe play -- but it's not something good teams do constantly. It's not something talented teams do constantly. So the question is: Are we a team that lacks the talent (still!!!!) Even after acquiring Richards, or is this a product of the system our coach likes to implement?

I'm going to be completely honest ; if this is indeed the hallmarks of a John Torterella system then you can count me in the group that was a Torts supporter but is ever so slowly shifting to the middle.

Here's my take. I have a hard time believing a coach wouldn't utilize his talented players properly. Meaning, if you have individuals who can go up the ice via pass work instead of chips and dumps then you let them play their game like they know it. Which is why I want to believe that it again comes back to not having a player who can keep the puck, stick handle, and create room by doing so. When I think of players like this I think of Hemsky, Kane, Datsyuk, etc. Signing Richards is going in the right direction, however, I still don't think he's someone who holds onto the puck as much as he is someone who has vision and distributes the puck. Gaborik isn't someone who can keep the puck for long periods, stick handle, and create his own space either. It seems as though we have too many players who work off the rush instead of slowing the pace down and working magic in the O-zone.The last guy who did that for us was Jagr. We try to do it off the rush in a one and done type of attack instead of keeping the puck possession and applying sustained pressure. We may have too many grinders and too little of the finesse-like talent in our top 6.

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