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10-23-2011, 02:37 AM
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Here's the thing, we have 10 legit forwards to play in only 9 spots in the top 9. Somebody who doesn't diserve and is far too good to be there HAS to play on the 4th line right now. To make it even worse and to show you just how bad it really really is, all 10 of those guys would be in the top 6 in all but about 8-10 teams in the NHL. THAT'S how top heavy we are and just how rediculously stacked we are right now.

The reason that Hartnell gets so much "hate" IS because he's been playing pretty bad right now. He's actually a much better player than he's shown so far this year and I think that the trades during the off-season definitely affect him and his desire to be here.

Now, out of Briere, Giroux, Schenn, Couturier, JVR, Jagr, Voracek, Simmonds, Hartnell and Read, who would you move if you had to move one of them??? Briere = playoff monster so he stays. Giroux = franchise player so he stays. JVR, well we wouldn't part with him for Pronger and we just signed him to a very nice deal so I really don't think he's out the door any time soon. Read = cheap player & playing out of his mind (Calder canidate play right now) so I can't see him getting traded. Schenn & Couturier = our future depth at center maintainig us as being srtong down the middle so I doublt they get dealt unless it's for an elite level dman (like Suter or Weber early in the season). Voracek was suppose to be the center-piece in the Carter deal so I think the orgainzation is pretty high on him and that they'll wait and see what they have in him as opposed to trading him just a few months after dealing a former 40-goal scorer to get him. Simmonds can do pretty much everything that Hartnell can do (though with more fighting and fewer stupid penalties) at roughtly 1/3rd the cost so I think they'd be looking to keep him over Hartnell.

That leaves Hartnell as the odd-man out. Hartnell has proven to be a 25-25 man over the last few years here in Philly. He DEFINITELY has value in a trade. He should return a mid to late 1st or a 2nd tier prospect (think 7.5B or 8.0C ranking on HF). If we could deal Hartnell back to Nashville for their 1st this year we would be looking at 2 picks most likelt in the 18-24 range. With as strong and deep as this draft class is that's like having 2 picks in the 10-15 range in a typical draft year.

Now lets take this just one step further. By dealing Hartnell we'd free up his 4.2 mil cap hit. That would leave us with Briere, Giroux, JVR, Schenn, Couturier, Talbot, Simmonds, Shelly, Nodl and Read as signed forwards and Voracek as an RFA. On defense we'd have Timonen, Pronger, Meszaros, Walker, Lilja and Gustafsson signed with Carle and Coburn as UFA's. Bryz and Bob in net. That's roughly 49 mil spent on 10 forwards, 6 dmen and 2 goalies. With a typical 4 mil organization growth (ave for each team) as has been seen over the last 3 years and half the new TV money (it's a deal worth 6 mil to each team and the players will see roughly half that towards the cap) we SHOULD see the cap rise to at least 70 mil for next year. That would leave us over 20 mil to resign Voracek, go after a top UFA dman like Suter (I'd offer him 75 mil over 10 years) and to resign one of both of Carle/Coburn and for one more forward.

Thus, it's not so much about "hate" on Hartnell, it's about what's best for this team now and in the very near future. Trading Hartnell can return us a valuable piece for the future and freeing up his 4.2 mil cap hit can go a long way in us being able to afford a player like Suter.

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