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10-23-2011, 08:31 AM
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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
The reason that Hartnell gets so much "hate" IS because he's been playing pretty bad right now. He's actually a much better player than he's shown so far this year and I think that the trades during the off-season definitely affect him and his desire to be here.
The one thing that really irks me about Hartnell is that this is his 11th year in the league and he still does the same crap over and over. He's careless with the puck, he takes dumb penalties at bad times, he's prone to falling over his own two feet and he always takes himself out of position looking for the big hit. You'd figure that in 11 professional seasons, he'd know by now what he can and can't get away with, yet he still continues to do stupid crap.

This was a guy who was being molded to replace Knuble and after his first ever 30 goal/60 point season in his career, he seemed to be on his way. Then, when the Flyers let Knuble walk, all of a sudden, Hartnell reverts back to idiot Hartnell and hasn't been the same player ever since. At some point, you've got to cut your losses with the guy. What he brings to the table in terms of skill doesn't equal all the negatives that he brings.

Which leads me to the point you made about the trades during the off-season definitely affecting him and his desire to be here. If it's affecting him that much, why didn't he ask to be dealt as well? If the situation weighs so heavily on his mind, why didn't he go to management and say that he no longer wants to be here because his friends are gone? I'm sure they would have accommodated him and with his No Trade Clause, I'm sure he could have pulled a Gagne and said he only wanted to go to a specific place.

I, for one, can't wait for his contract to be up or for him to get moved elsewhere. For 4.25 million a season, I certainly expected a hell of a lot more from Hartnell and he's been nothing short of a major disappointment.

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