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10-23-2011, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
I have to agree with Van here. Carle HAS ALREADY been playing as a #2 dman along side a legit #1 in Pronger for now his 3rd year. How is he NOT a #2, he's freaking doing it and has a damned good +/- to show for it. I know that +/- isn't the end-all tell-all for a dman but if he was nearly as god aweful as everyone he says he has been for the past 2 years don't you think it would have shown in his numbers??? Oh, and before you throw out there that it's just because Pronger has been covering for his ass for the past 2+ years, don't forget that Pronger missed almost half the season last year and even without Pronger Carle still posted his career best +/- and 2nd best points in a season.
I've been a Carle defender on here from day one that the Flyers traded for him. With that being said, he was BADLY exposed in the playoffs. I will admit that he was superb during the regular season, but the moment the games started to matter, Carle fell apart. For a lead defenseman, you need to be a rock when things get difficult and Carle didn't step up when he needed to. Now, if he does it this year, will it be because he's in a contract year or will it be because he finally made the next step forward? Who knows and that's what worries me with Carle - he'll always be a great second fiddle, but he'll never be a lead violin.

Originally Posted by phlocky View Post
I'd have absolutely no problem pairing Carle with Suter. In fact I'd be very happy with it. Would I rather have Suter AND Weber, sure, but I'd settle for just having Suter and Carle. Even with getting Suter (IF we get him that is) I'd still look to draft a top end dman in this years draft unless all the franshise dmen are off the board AND an elite level forward fell into our lap like Couturier did this year (there was no way in hell he was suppose to drop that far and us get him).
Not a problem with a Carle - Suter pairing either. Carle - Suter / Pronger - Meszaros / Timonen - Coburn would make an awesome top six in terms of defense.

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