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10-23-2011, 09:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Zenith View Post
The difference here is that MZA is not even in the same realm of caliber as any of these players - at his best, he could become a smaller Kristian Huselius, and that's not disappointing in any sense. However, MZA has to prove that he's capable of playing in this league. I understand that that's tough to do when you're getting bottom-6 minutes with players that are primarily "grinders" and lack overall offensive skill, but, if not there, where will he play? Which player in the top-6 will he usurp - I've asked this question about 5 times, and I've never gotten an answer.

With the top-6 "set", really, there is no room for MZA in an "offensive role". I realize that people have a different assessment of what "talent" means, but is Zuccarello better than any of Anisimov, Callahan, Dubinsky, Richards, Stepan, and Gaborik? Nope, and, regardless of his perceived "skill", he will not be fed ice-time to "prove himself" over these players.

I don't exactly agree with Tortorella's philosophy of having to play a physical/two-way game to get major minutes either, but, given the way the roster is built, most of the players have to play a competent two-way game. Every player in the top-6 is, at worst, an adequate defensive player - I think Zuccarello is smart enough to be a good defensive player, but he simply is not strong or fast enough to carry out that thought process on the ice. Aside from that, he already plays with very flawed players in the bottom-6. He's between a rock and a hard place, really.

Honestly, I think he has it in him to be a good NHL player - but, in order to do so, he either has to completely light it up in Connecticut, and show in the bottom-6 that he deserves ice time, or he has to move on.
Given the terrible start by the forwards offensively, how can anyone say that the Top 6 is set? When did we start guaranteeing guys spots?

This team is being outshot by almost 10 shots per game...and they have been really lucky in their wins....a Luongo melt down and a great OT winner by McD are all that stands between 2 wins and being winless.

There should be no "untouchables" in this lineup.

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