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10-23-2011, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Vitto79 View Post
yea he would fit in with the whole shot blocking deal. Imagine Zanon and Girardi.

I agree it is a crappy situation as they need a LW more than a Dman when healthy but I won't complain if they can add an offensive Dman as they don't seem to have one.

I like DZ but if they can get a very talented Dman with some experience well I could see them moving the kid. It's not like they don't have kids on D still
I like MDZ too, but have started to come to the conclusion that with all the telent he does have, his lack of timeing sense is a major problem for the style of play that makes the most of his skills.

Considering Erixon has show he can be an efective puck mover although he is basically making the 'safe' plays at this point in his young NHL career, and McDonagh has been given the green light as of late to prove whether he can be relied upon to carry the puck without sacrificing defensive play, plus you have Girardi who has decent puck skills when he isn't in the role of 'defensive anchor' while Staal is out & we have Richards as our PPQB for the forseeable future, I could see an arguement for moving MDZ to Calgary for Babchuk.

I don't know if Babchuk is great defensively as far as positioning but he scores well, gets 2-3 blocks a game, and was double digets in the plus column last year. Babchuk & Richards could give us a leathal PP backline.

I've had so much hope for Del Zotto and dismissed bone head play after bone head play, but for all the skill he has I'm not sure he has the thought process to make the right play under pressure. When he was in his own corner last night and pressured to move the puck he turned and sent the puck straight to the top of the circle to a streaking Edmonton player. Instead of up the boards he tried one of his homerum passes through traffic in a pressure situation, from deep in the zone too.

I'm losing faith in the kid & with BR on the point & 3 other guys showing they are more then defensive plugs, I'm wondering if the 'cost/benefit' of MDZ's boom or bust potential isn't worth reconsideration with a guy like Babchuk being benched going on 4 out of the last 5 games now.

I'm on the fence, but reason/reality is starting to suggest opportunity may be presenting itself.

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