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10-28-2003, 03:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Matty
Personally, I think RJ is being pigheaded and somewhat silly. To be 'insulted' by Kelser's contract is immature. Sign the deal and prove the organization wrong. If they truly lowball you in the future, then you deal with it in the future - after you've already proven your worth around the league.
But *how* would he deal with it in the future? Say he signs for the lowball offer of 600K, 700K, whatever it is. He gets stuck in Manitoba for a year, maybe more, because this team is *very* tough to break into. So if that happens, he's making minor league money, not even the lowball offer.

But say he goes out, makes the team and has plays *phenomenal*. Next contract, the 'Nucks say "We only have to offer you a 10% raise. 770K, take it or leave it. We have your rights until you're 31." In that situation, he has *zero* leverage, even worse than his current situation.

To come out ahead in this, all Umberger needs to do is make the NHL on any team in the league.

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