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10-23-2011, 11:50 AM
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A few points...

1. Last year at this time our team was undefeated or very nearly undefeated. And yet at the end of the year we averaged back out. Now, this year, we're not doing so hot and its the end of the world. It's still OCTOBER. This team has not played one home game yet. Chill.

2. We're still team outsiders on a forum. We don't "know" what the strategy is or what is strategy and what is bad habit. You can reason all day long but you still don't know for sure. I highly, highly doubt that Torts is telling them to dump and chase on every entry into the zone, even if they can just skate it in and cycle down low. I'd guess that he tells them to get the puck down low and keep it there and time after time as they get to the blue line they think the easiest way to get the puck deep is to dump and chase. If thats the case, Torts certainly does need to start to craft some new plays to run in those situations but thats not nearly as stupid as him making them dump and chase every time they get the zone.

3. The idea that this or that player "can't" skate the puck into the zone is flawed. They're almost all capable of it and have done it here and there in the past. For example, Bell had a nice end to end rush last night - is he "capable" of skating the puck into the zone? Staal had the odd end to end that ended with a goal last year - is he "capable" of that? It's all BS. A professional hockey player can skate the puck into the attacking zone given the opportunity to do so and a smart play to execute. Torts needs to get strategizing - I don't think its all on the players' ability in terms of zone entry.

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