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10-23-2011, 01:13 PM
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Originally Posted by DUHockey9 View Post
Consider this a Public Service Announcment and a pet peeve rolled into one. I'm also curious how many of you were aware of this/were guilty of it.

I just can't take it anymore. After attending the game last night, I just snapped haha. YOU ARE ALL DOING THE "LET'S GO FLYERS" CHANT WRONG! I don't know how it is possible because the organ PLAYS the tune for everyone, yet people are incapable of replicating it.

In the proper chant the 1st, 2nd, and 4th notes are the same. So if "1" were one particular note, "2" were a different (lower) note. It would be Let's(1) - Go(1) - Fly(2) - ers(1).

What everyone actually DOES is the 1st and 3rd notes being the same, and the 2nd and 4th notes being the same. Let's(1) - Go(2) - Fly(1) - ers(2).

--------------------- (snipped) --------------------

Tell your friends! How many of you knew this? How many of you were wrong?
While I never dissected it, I too have been annoyed... for years in fact... I actually have heard many incarnations of it as it has been butchered in various ways, and even the most used version has morphed over time.

But it is often more than mere notes; it is at times tempo and almost always speed... The Chant is stared by many different fans in many different sections -- mostly in the Mezzanine I'd guess -- and at times there are competing chants starting seconds apart ((OUCH))... The fans starting it do it unplanned and too often in a rush... Even if it is stared correctly, it is not picked up correctly... People are just so into the game and hyped up and quite frankly oblivious to HOW it is done as they concentrate on WHAT is being said and on he team play.

I believe even the proper chant actually has morphed so much that at times I have to think hard to remember the early original correct one as the wrong one(s) echo in my mind.

Yes, they should follow the organ -- and maybe the organ should slow it down a tad also -- but I don't see that happening... and I don't see the days returning where the entire Barn chants in unison in the proper manner... And I don't believe we will ever hear every fan in attendance chimes in. The closest I think is in big Postseason or key games when it is started BEFORE the game and is loud and more true.

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