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10-23-2011, 04:50 PM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Yes, he COULD have been had for less, but he wanted to play in Washington. Just because he accepted less money in Washington does not mean he would have done the same here. We've had this discussion already. This isn't NHL 12, just because a player is a free agent doesn't mean he is going to sign with your team because you offer him a contract. Vokoun may have had Washington #1 on his list regardless of money. He may never have had any interest in Philly regardless of money. Pretty sure he said that he took less money and turned down other offers to play in Washington. Go look at the thread about this from a month or two ago so we don't have to get into the same argument. My position hasn't changed and neither has yours.
1) He did not want to play at Washington at all costs. He fired his agent because he was unhappy with his contract.
2) He chose Washington because he felt they had the best chance to win the Cup which would boost his value on free agency next summer.
3) #2 wouldn't be an issue because the Flyers would have offered a multi-year deal.
4) If the Flyers waited until July 1 they would have had both Bryzgalov and Vokoun on the market. The Flyers were the only team that had cap space to spend on a goalie. They were also the only contending team that had a legit need for a goalie. The Flyers would have been the most appealing destination and no one was going to get in a bidding war with them. They would have ended up with one of the two for much less than the contract they handed to Bryzgalov.

Originally Posted by flyershockey View Post
And Bryz is better than a majority of the goalies on that list. You know, it is possible that a team would try to upgrade and grab a player of Bryz's level is he were to become available. Honestly, like I said before, nobody actually knows what the market was for Bryz in the offseason. We can speculate all day, but if the Flyers felt that this is what would have to be done in order to get a deal done, then I would think that they knew what they were doing. Especially considering they can get a better feel for what the market is.

Btw, I'm not even trying to defend signing him to that money and term. I think it's absurd to sign any player to a nine year deal for a variety of reasons. I would have easily agreed to sign him for 4-5 years though. The only thing I wanted to point out was everything you had written can only be called speculation at best.
There is a thing called the salary cap. How many teams could afford to sign Bryzgalov after they already had a starter signed. What team on that list could have realistically offered Bryzgalov that contract?

It's not speculation. Just because you remain in denial over the realities of the market doesn't mean I'm speculating. The fact is since Luongo no teams have been handing out these contracts to goalies.

Originally Posted by Tripod View Post
While I agree with this, There is also another option. Bryz goes to Russia for 5 mill per and then possibly us an Washington end up both going for Vokoun. This creates a bidding war for him, and if we lose out, then we have Bob and we listen to EVERYONE ***** how we would not pay $ to have a top 8-10 goalie again.
Washington does not have any cap space. There was not going to be a bidding war with them. They also did not need a goalie long term because they have Neuvirth and Holtby. The only reason why they signed Vokoun was because a $1.5M deal for one year was too good for them to pass on. They were not in the market for a starter long term.

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