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10-28-2003, 04:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Hemsky4PM
David LeNeveu! Oh right, the guy the WJC took instead of JDD. What did he do again? That's right, he tanked it in his one game. Let in 3 soft goals, one from a terrible angle, side boards if I recall.

The politics of the WJC is the only thing keeping JDD off, not his play. LeNeveu (spelling?) was drafted by Phoenix, and the guy that was directly responsible for them picking him was on the selection committee for the WoJus last year. That's hockey canada. And I don't think me and Bob Stauffer are alone on an island on this one. With M-A Fleury surely not going this year I think it will be Ward and JDD as the tandem for the WJC 2004.
I was very disapointed when Canada kept Lenevue instead of Deslauriers, I think they kept him because he was a year older and they both preformed well at the camp, so they decided to keep the older one.

I was too say the least very upset when they anounced that they cut JDD. Although the game Lenevue played in proved my point that Deslauriers should have been there, he is still IMO a top 100 prospect, probably no less that a top 70 prospect.

As for predictions I say Canada goes with Deslauriers and Harding.

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