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Originally Posted by mhkehoe View Post
The CCM Crossover is the KOHO Crossover, so might not share much in common with older CCM blades.

Crossover is easily the best ABS blade, but with the cost being so high, I just suffer with the torqueing blades since it is just pickup roller.

The 2K (old Koho 2100) is a good blade, it will bend with heavier pucks and when it wears down, but it doesn't break that easily.

The Sherwood is an okay blade. Don't take too many slapshots, it isn't that strong where the wood meets the ABS, it will often tear through the fiberglass laminate. Feels like it may torque a little less than the 2K, but I think it might have a shorter blade.

Easton ABS is awful. Has the same problem as the Sherwood, but also delaminates from normal use. To make it worse, the ABS inside cracks very easily once the supportive fiberglass delaminates.
Ya that's why I want to try both, see if the 2k can hold up or not, if not than the Crossover will definitely be worth it. Tried those Easton ABS blades and god those things were horrible. A chunk fell out of the toe of each blade pretty quickly. I think both lasted like 2 sessions, then I smashed them on the ground until they broke, out of anger haha.

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