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10-23-2011, 05:54 PM
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Disclaimer: Always have been (yes, even then) a diehard Price fanboy.

I think Carey has played great (cept for the Avs game...of course that's the one I was at!) BUT, he is not playing as "clutch" as he was last year or even compared to some of the other goalies in the league (Vokoun, Lundqvust isn't bad, Rinne, etc.). Don't get me wrong, he has kept the team in the game so many times, but I think what JM means is:

we can't have Carey be really good, we need him to be unstoppable, because that IS his talent level.

It is an inflammatory comment, but I'm not too upset that he wants more out of Price, i.e. a couple of more ridiculous saves, like eg. the tying goal. I know he's getting run a lot, but there are some that I think he would normally keep out and that end up being tying, go-ahead goals.

This much is clear: he's our best player by far right now (I'm also developping my huge affection for Eller), but a goal here or there that last season wouldn't have gone in due to heroics, would make a difference in our record.

This isn't Carey Price at 100% and he's STILL ridiculously good. He can be better and he will be.

but yeah...I do get the whole OTHERS should be doing their jobs (the refs ftm). I'm not really discontent with JM so far since aside from that Enqvist sixth man thing, I don't think he's been managing lines badly given injuries. Here's another thing that's plainly obvious now and a reason JM wasn't playing this person more: Erik Cole has to get his **** together. I like the physicality he's bringing but right now he's playing like a third liner. ALWAYS 1 second too late with a play and often just freaking useless. How many times Max has been open and it doesn't come until the D recognizes what's going to slow. Also, stop getting owned by Jake Gardiner by doing the EXACT same thing - skating up the right wing right until the end of the circle and then trying some bs move to get inside. Again, it's cuz I know he IS better. And he will be.

One thing I love about our team is that they have the mental fortitude to overcome all of this and it takes an even keel (which I've seen from all our leaders) to be able to do it, NOT a hothead coach. I'd like Muller too and Boucher, but Roy? Yeah no thanks, we'd lose every game 10-0 and the players would get lambasted. Good quotes - yup. Winning - nope. As posted on HIO, Martin reminded reporters that we started 2-5 in his first season and I think we're far more injured now. It will turn around, hopefully immediately. I already have the ignominy of having to go to work in leafs nation. BTW...anyone notice Cole pushing Grabo out of a scoring position...a second too late?

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