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10-23-2011, 06:22 PM
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Originally Posted by LatvianTwist View Post
After a pretty weak 2010-11 season, he's looking very strong to start off the new year. He's looking like a very solid 6th round pick, and I was just wondering what some of you guys who see him a lot think about him and his future.

Also, do his stats reflect his play from the 2011 playoffs? Is he a lot stronger in those high pressure games, or am I just pulling at strings here? He was at almost a PPG pace after a slow year which seems pretty impressive, if you ask me.
Battled with consistency all last season. When he's on, he's a dynamic player that can take over a game. He really turned things on down the stretch last year and into the playoffs, where he was one of the Blades best players.

He turned that into a draft selection and hasn't looked back since.

I talked to him when he got back from Dallas Stars camp and he told me how nice it was to go there and see how those guys prepare day in and day out.

I said all of last season that he could be one of the biggest sleepers of the entire draft and he's not letting me down. He oozes potential.

For those who haven't seen him play, he's a big winger standing 6'3 and around 200 pounds. He is amazing at protecting the puck and working on the cycle. Has a very big "lower half" like Jaromir Jagr, a player I've said he resembles.

He's got sublime hands and has scored some freakish goals on 2 on 1 plays. Very good, hard and accurate wrister and slapper.

Skating is his weakness. He's a fast skater but doesn't have great acceleration and battles with balance. If he can continue to strengthen his legs and work on core strength he could be a total steal of a pick in 2-4 years.

Sorry for the long post, I was just lucky enough to see him around 60 times last year and every one of his games so far this year.

(Obviously I don't think he has as much potential as Jagr...)

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