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Originally Posted by bjac View Post
He mentioned Price, but also refered to the entire team. Has the JM hate truely blinded people from reading quotations in context? Has it blinded people to the fact that these two have been underpreforming so far? Both of the playes you mention are good players who should be playing better according to their OWN standards, so why is it an issue if the coach mentions it? These are grown men, not children, they should be able to take a bit of criticism, especially at the NHL level. This isn't a case of anyone being thrown under the bus. People are complaining about JMs approach to coaching and his inability to motivate and get the most out of his players, and they are now complaining when he is trying to remedy that by lighting a fire under their ass. Give me a break, it's hypocritical of these posters to do this.
It is one part hate for arrogance of JM. He is I hate him. And I hate he is right on this. And it is one part fans have it that Price, PK and Gill etc can't do no wrong but the "defence" is awful

But funny thing is PK is a -6 and Gill is a -1. Yes they are at the bottom.
And Price Save % is worse then most backup goalies.

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