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10-24-2011, 07:25 AM
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Originally Posted by swimmer77 View Post
Hopefully not directed at me because I thought Hamrlik should have been re-signed for multiple reasons.

He's nestled into the Caps' lineup and is 2nd in overall TOI and 1st in ES TOI. He's an ES minute eater and can fill in on PK and PP. He's top 5 in blocked shots in the league. He was targeted to pair with Mike Green and the two of them had the responsibility of Detroit's top line.

Montreal needed a third top 4 d-man the whole time Hamr was here. Hamr took the brunt of Markov's injuries in more ways than one. And the organization still can't understand that it's not a bad thing to have three top 4 d-men in the lineup which they easily could have had.

Although Emelin and Diaz are "inexperienced" they are at the same time more experienced in pro play than Subban and Weber. It's hard to know what their potential even is. I hope they continue to develop but they really haven't had the challenge yet of the league's best players. I hope they don't get frustrated though and take a step backwards. And Hamrlik may have helped to prevent that too.
not targeted at anybody in particular

but this board tends to suffer from some serious one-up-ism
poster a: this guy isn't very good
poster b: this guy sucks
poster c: he's the worst
poster d: waste of dna!

amongst all of this, some people forgot that he was a rock for us the last two years. i understand why gauthier didn't want to resign him for two years, and we can debate the merit of that decision, but the lack of respect and objective criticism he was given on this board irked me to say the least.

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