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10-24-2011, 09:18 AM
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I don't want to put the blame on Price, but Martin isn't exactly wrong...Price has been good, not great. The game vs Colorado and the game vs Toronto, to me, could have been wins if Price played a little better. Everyone has to take part in the blame, and out of everywhere I blame Price the least.

Everyone wants to blame Martin, but ultimately the players need to play better. It's always easier to hate on the coach than the players. I think the only blame I can attribute to Martin is possibly a loss in confidence by his team. Coaching is a tricky subject...At the end of the day the X's and O's are easy to teach. Every single player on that team has been coached to play hockey all of his life, and the basic strategies are identical from coach to coach. Yes, some play a more structured or conservative approach, but ultimately it's still the same basic system.

Where coaches distinguish themselves is their ability to inspire and motivate their team. Boucher is not successful because he's discovered some magic hockey strategy nobody's ever thought of...Boucher is successful because he manages to motivate and get the best out of marginal depth players. Guys like Bergenheim and Moore look much better than they are because they have confidence and play inspired. If Martin has failed somewhere, it's there.

He is unable to get player to play above their abilities, at least, not anymore. He was once able to do it...But somewhere along the line he lost the team. That doesn't mean he can't get them back. Nothing improves confidence like winning, and nothing hurts confidence like losing. I think the team got off to a rough start, for whatever reason, and is having trouble getting out of the rut. This is a good team that has shown time and time again that they are winners more than losers. They are much better than they are playing, and it's up to Martin to remind them of that.

If they can win tonight, it will go a long way. If they can win 2 out of the next 3 after that, the team will be back to normal, and if they somehow win all 4 games this week, nobody will be talking about a coaching change and this entire bad start will be forgotten.

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