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Originally Posted by phillyfanatic View Post
Matt Carle gets no love which is BS. Until last year it was "he is insulated by Pronger", Pronger last problem, still led the team in +/- playing on the top unit against the other teams best. The pairing of Pronger/Carle is as solid a pairing as there is in the eastern conference. He is our top +/- guy this year, was last year, was #2 behind his partner Pronger the previous year.....see a trend?

This is just like the whole "Giroux is weak defensively" garbage. People talk about it as if it is fact, but the stats and the results do not support your argument. The one turnover every 3 or 4 games is all you focus on, but the 100-200 passes in between that land in a good position pushing the Flyers up ice quickly and out of trouble effectively? No mention. Curious.....Curious indeed.

Show me ANYTHING concrete to say Matt Carle is not a good D-man. Some feel the Flyers have the BEST D-core in the NHL, Matt Carle is on our top unit and deserves to be there. So, he is a legit #2 Defenseman on one of the best D-units in the NHL.

If you give me the choice of Carle versus Coburn, it is Carle all day long, twice on Sunday.
I don't know if I'd choose Coburn over Carle, we need both. And it depends if you're replacing Timonen or Pronger..

People harp on his turnovers, but if you did a 'touches to turnovers' ratio, which would be much more useful a stat than give-takeaways, it would reflect well on Matt.

Carle is second to Pronger in points and TOI.

Leads the D at +5.

Carle is right in with the top 5 team on giveaways, takeaways, etc. He's low on blocked shots and hits, but that's his game. He's not as physical as some of the others, but he logs lots of ice.

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