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Originally Posted by Gino 14 View Post
The refs aren't paid to break up fights, rather they are told to stay out of them. When you've reffed for a few years and had to put up with the crap that officials take you can come back and give us your opinion then. Until then, just skate at half speed for a minute at a time, get off the ice and sit for 6 minutes and tell us how hard it is to do their job.
Part of the reason why I'm pretty laid back with the refs. I remember one time I was chatting with the ref about what he saw on a play and asked him why he called what he called. He explained to me his reasoning. The time keeper called the ref over, told him to call a penalty for delay of game because I wasnt captain or an assistant(rules state in my league only the captain and assistants can talk to the ref about a call). The ref said "no" because I was the only one on the ice that he can have a calm conversation with without conflict(needless to say, I have had 4 penalty minutes in my two years of being in a bar league; one for too many men which i served and they gave to me and the other for unsportsmanlike conduct for swearing(which was a misunderstanding; I slammed my finger in the players door)).

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