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10-24-2011, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
If your top 6 isn't getting enough rest, that's on your 3rd line, not the 4th. Understand, even if both top lines are forced to play 20 mins/night, 5 mins for the 4th line means the 3rd line is only playing 15 mins. Good teams have 3rd lines that are responsible/talented enough to handle 15 mins per game and top lines capable of handling 20, and the reality is that our second line hasn't actually been asked to play 20 mins or more on any given night, despite the 4th line's light work duty. In fact, Plekanec is the only forward averaging over 20 mins/game..
Ok... first of all, think of games like the toronto game. We're in tight, Engqvist, Pulashaj, and Darche played under 5 minutes the entire game! Eller, a second year centerman, who is improving immensely, but still counted for minimal minutes (13) and Dersharnais (12). There are too many guys that CANNOT be relied upon as sound legitimate FT NHL'ers... and up the middle, our depth is simply put... nothing short of pathetic. Nokelainen levels it out at least a bit.

Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
22 mins/game is suitable for your best forward... and that's exactly what Plekanec is on the Habs..
LOL in the playoffs maybe... or an OT game. Not the first few games of the year. Pleks is a good centerman... He's playing all the minutes, because Martin CANNOT RELY on anyone else... they are too suspect. Pleks, our BEST center played 5 minutes of PK time. It's more important to give those minutes to those who can handle them, and off the first liners... We expect Plekanec to score, not stop them. People.... You wonder why scoring has been so paltry this year... Well, when your BEST offensive Centerman is icing 5 minutes of PK time. You're done before you start.

Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
How about, I dunno, developing? Or do you honestly think that Palushaj and Engqvist leave Montreal for Hamilton having gotten nothing out of the experience? But you're right, they really weren't being relied upon to do much. That's why I can't believe all the energy devoted to slagging them.
Last time I checked... Hamilton was for development... Montreal is for the professionals. What do they leave with? they arent 18 year old Gallaghers (who could have benefitted to a 7 game tryout). They are second tier pros... they have had the experience of being in the NHL (both of them) and ultimately. They proved nothing here... again. Chalk it up to inexperience... chalk it up to a team that has to balance lines to compete... Even as a 4th line, they were badly outplayed, and had NO SENSE of urgency when on the ice

Engqvist has not put the time up to even warrant the position he was in. He has yet to prove that he even belongs in NA... Let alone wearing one of OUR sacred jerseys.

Pulashaj played decent in the preseason... when he played WAY MORE than 5 minutes a game. But his role is not a 4th liner... He's far from a specialist, or an energy guy.

I am not slagging them... Im slagging management for being so inept and unorganized.This organization got shut out or 1 goal... 3 times already? Same freakin problem... Yet, Martins, and Gauthier thought it unnecessary to pick up someone like Jagr. They were so sure of themselves, they thought it unnecessary to even call him back.
The season started in September... 2-7 preseason... 1-3-2 out of the gate... Losing to Buffalo, Toronto (twice already), this team seems to be ill-prepared.
We aren't a team EXPECTED for a 1-3-2 start, so criticism is going to be harsh, esp. when I am watching games, and see that we are playing like ass.

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