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Originally Posted by mti79 View Post
1. How are opposing fans treated? We're not rude. We only cheer when/if the Rangers do something good and don't go looking for trouble. We understand it's "your building" and don't make waves. Hell, if they suck enough, we'll join in some "Rangers suck" chants along the way.
As far as we've seen, how opponent fans get treated depends on how they act. We've sat by opponent fans and carried on good hockey chat, then again we have sat beside some that tempted us to watch the game from the hallways before we do something stupid This is vacation/retirement heaven so we seem to always get a big chuck of opponent fans, you won't be alone. And with Fedotenko, Richie, and Torts on your side we have some extra respect. if Richie wants to stick around after the game for a few months we won't complain

Originally Posted by mti79 View Post
2. I admittedly know nothing about Tampa. Any good restaurants in the area?
Define "good". Lots around Tampa, sports places ya gotta hi Hattricks, Channelside has loads of spots and you can always run to Ybor and even take the trolley there and back.

Originally Posted by mti79 View Post
3. What is the parking like? Do people pregame for games down there?
Lots of accessible lots, the closer you get to the Forum the higher the price. Pre-game folks gather on the Plaza outside the Forum and they usually have music and beer. Post game they often have concerts on the Plaza.

Originally Posted by mti79 View Post
4. Any other info I should know about?
24oz canned beer from the hallway vendors is usually the best deal, don't stand on the ledge on the 300 level outside party deck and definitely keep your hands clear of the tesla coils And other then that, enjoy the weather and have fun.

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