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10-24-2011, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Coutsiephan View Post
This thread is a complete joke...7 games into the season and we're calling for Bryz's head and SPECULATING that his contract is not worth it. Cut me a break. Also I don't know about anybody else but I've been following this team for a quarter of a century with no freaking cup in that time and yeah I think it will be worth it if in 1 of his 9 he brings home a cup.

Yeah his last two games left much to be desired and obviously he can do much better and we got him to basically win some games on his own which maybe he's done once in 7 games but lets keep things in perspective. The TEAM has to work through a whole new scheme and a coach that isn't the most nurturing when it comes to that. He bags skates them which makes everybody feel good from a revenge factor (including me) but then you realize sometimes it goes too far like agains the Blues where we look like we travelled from Siberia to Philly. Anyway, we got plenty of time before we panic and even then not sure it will be warranted. It's a transition with it. It will stink if we don't make the playoffs even though I think we should make it at least as a 7 seed at worst but there is lots of parity in the league and it's going to be a struggle every game and it makes it more of a struggle when you are trying to get team chemistry on the ice with all the new faces.

Having said this..yeah we need to see more from our best players but lets at least give them until game 15 or even game 41 before we really assess everybody.
Your commentary would be of much more value if it didn't begin with, at the best, a half-truth (at worst, an outright skewing of facts given that you didn't just show up on this site). That contract was terrible the moment the ink dried from the printer, and that has absolutely nothing to do with 7 games. So, spare me the "it's only been 7 games" drama queen BS.

Blackhawks won a Cup with a couple of absolutely atrocious contracts... you say 1 in 9 is worth it? What if that 1 in 9 cost you a shot at a couple more? Still worth it?

Bryz's contract has been pretty much universally panned as idiotic by objective commentators since the moment it was signed by pretty much everyone that pays attention to things like statistics, the goalie contract market, etc. There's a reason for that.

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