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10-24-2011, 01:11 PM
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Originally Posted by RangerEsq View Post
Just because we want to trade Christ, Wolski and MZA, does not mean others will take them, especially for quality players.

We may need to give up someone we don't want to give up. I am not excited about trading for defensemen for that reason. If we have to blow a hole somewhere to get a defenseman because we are not patient enough to wait for some guys to return or develop as prospects, thats not a good way to build a team.

We have a good top four and three excellent young guys in McIlrath, MDZ and Erixon.

We are also not deep enough anywhere to start blowing holes in one place to close them in others.

The only trades I would want to make now would involve WW, MZA and Christ, as people are suggesting, but I don't see us getting a top 6 forward or a top four defenseman for them.

We could potentially acquire a better #7 defenseman or a fourth liner for them, but not much more.

I would love it if they were used to get us another Prust, a scrappy right wing grinder who will be useful to the team for years to come.
You forget that the same EXACT thing was said (maybe not by you, but by PLENTY about the 7.5 million dollar 15 goal man Scott Gomez.) What we see a players worth at is not necessarily the value other GM's see them as. Maybe a GM see's that Wolski is in a contract year, therefore more likely to up his game and provide solid, consistent goalscoring for said team. Therefore Wolski's worth to team X is different then as team Y may see it.

Same thing about MZA, maybe another team has a spot in the top 6 and believes that MZA can be a St. Louis type player in this league for whatever reason. (Im not saying he can or can't be, for the record) Therefore even though MZA is currently playing on the Whale, his value to Team X is more then the value that Team Y see's.

Christensen... well hes had 6 or 7 seasons I dont disagree with you there.

The Scott Gomez rule proved this to be true. See: Mcdonagh, Ryan.

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