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10-24-2011, 12:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Jack Bourdain View Post
Fans like you always fold when the going gets tough, that is not real fandom, where you turn on your team when they are struggling for 7 games! That's called being a quitter!
I'd say you're a quitter when you go out and get a bunch of mediocre free agents to try to get 8th place instead of working towards a cup. Why aren't you holding management to a higher standard?

Why are you happy with a team that gives away a great prospect for Scott Gomez?
Originally Posted by Jack Bourdain View Post
And if you actually knew what the identity of the Montreal Canadiens is, you'd know we aren't the Maple Leafs, we aren't accustomed to losing, and we're surely not accustomed to picking high in drafts. We are able to win without having to rely on a single individual, and there is no pride in finishing last and drafting a superstar. Pride comes from winning games against all odds and under Jacques Martin, we have won games we had no business winning, and so he will have my respect.
We aren't the Maple Leafs only in so far as we used to have a winning team and we actually make 8th place most of the time. And the Leafs believe it or not have been to the Conference finals more times than we have since we last won the cup.

We are accustomed to losing and the fact that people come here and defend our 8th place finishes as some sign of success is proof of this.

We have taken a page out of Toronto's book and have built with overpriced free agents the way they used to get quick fixes like Jason Blake. We are becoming more like them every season and we now have 18 year olds who don't know what it's like to watch their team win a cup. And those guys probably won't know that feeling anytime soon with the roster we have.

Why are you happy with this?
Originally Posted by Jack Bourdain View Post
Oh and for someone who mentions to "look beyond the next play", I'd like to see your face if and when the Habs turn it around and work through their growing pains. This is where you start seeing the bandwagoners that are readily available to blame the coach, the organization, the players and anybody who tries to think other than "BLOW EVERYTHING UP".
If we turn it around... great. Maybe we can get 8th or 7th place. Maybe we can win a playoff round too but we're not winning a cup. And there's no reason to believe we will be good enough next year either.

And we blew everything up two years ago. We replaced our mediocre team with more mediocre guys... how is this progress?
Originally Posted by Jack Bourdain View Post
Rather than giving the team a chance to rebound, fans like you have become vultures, ripping at everything until there is nothing left to shred, and if that doesn't work, you'll probably ask to blow things up again, and so forth. That is no solution, and I hope this time there won't be any protests in front of the Bell Center.
Some of us have been saying that we've needed a rebuild for a long time. The losing streak has nothing to do with my opinion. We should've done this a long time ago.

The losing streak sucks and I don't want us to lose, but the reality is that if it brings management to the realization that we aren't really all that great a team, then there's at least a silver lining here.

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