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Originally Posted by bcv View Post
I don't know what games you guys watched but Weber was practically the best Dmen of the group and now he's playing forward? Genius!

Also, Emelin played better than Diaz, there is no doubt in my mind. I don't see how Diaz can be in the line-up while Emelin is in the pressbox. I've had it with JM and his stupid decision. Weber on the 4th ****ing line? COME ON!
I agree with you on Weber but disagree with you on Diaz.

Diaz I find has a more adaptable style to our team and the NA game. Emelin will need more time because he's more of a physical defensive D. Sure he has a shot, but he's mainly the kind of guy who will be played as a two-way D. He'll need to learn a lot first, hitting without losing positioning, playing defense against top players in the league, positioning in general. Diaz will more-so have to learn shooting, passing, sure defense is a factor but as long as he isn't noticeable defensively he's doing a good job type of D.

Emelin in my eyes will be the type of D who you will notice on D down the line, because unlike Gorges who is purely a positional D Emelin is physical and will knock people off the puck etc.

Diaz is a fit for "right now" imo because he's developed more quickly in his areas than Emelin has.

Emelin will get his chance, but he needs time. Don't forget when Markov comes back Emelin will likely get a shot at the top line. They're gradually working him into playing the defensive side of the game, they don't want to ruin his confidence.

We all know what can happen to a player like him if you aren't gradual or you don't have a leash and he goes and picks a fight with Lucic. Let the kid learn the game, no doubt in my mind all three of them can be top 4 D in the league but they're all different players, in my eyes the "right now" choice is to sit Emelin.

Doesn't mean down the line one of Diaz or Weber won't be taken out or traded. Emelin brings an element this team needs, he just isn't playing up to even his own standards yet and I can't blame him he's new to the NHL. Some guys are quicker to adapt than others. No need to rush him by playing him every night, right now he's working on areas of his game that are best worked on during practice rather than during actual games where he goes for a big hit (hypothetical) and costs us a goal going so far out of position.

Thus far he's played it very safe which is good. He doesn't want to make mistakes. Once he grows as a player and gains confidence he'll be fine. No need to worry about him being benched, imo the right decision was made. Diaz and Weber have both played better than he has.

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