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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I'd rather have one Cup tied up and in the history books than only a shot at more. Just having a shot, even if you are the odds on favorite clearly the best team in the league means jack boo come May and June. If the Flyers win a Cup this year (or next, or whenever) and Bryz's contract prevents them from POSSIBLY winning five more, I'd still be ecstatic to have the one instead of a shot a five. Hell I'd rather have a Cup and finish dead last for the remainder of Bryz's contract than only having a shot the Cup for the duration of the contract.

Maybe that's just me but I've never seen the Flyers hoist the Cup and I've been waiting 25 years to see it happen so IMO, yes having one Cup is worth more than having a shot at a couple more.
There are so many critical reasoning gaps in the logic here.

For starters, the assumption is that the another possibility may have resulted in multiple shots at the Cup, thus likely improving your chance at winning the Stanley Cup. If the Flyers had beaten the Blackhawks -- and I think they would have with a real goalie -- then Tallon would not simply have ruined what was a dynasty in the making, but the drought would still be in effect in Chicago. This is without getting into the random chance of the playoffs prior to that series.

Loading up and having the best team possible in a short window does not assure you of success. Look at the Phillies. The WEAKEST of the Phils teams in recent memory was the one that won the WS.

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