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10-24-2011, 01:11 PM
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Originally Posted by MasterDecoy View Post
i can't speak for anybody else but hammer got an unbelievable amount of hate around here after the last playoffs. personally, i didn't particularly want to get rid of him although i can imagine the myriad of reasons why goat didn't want to give hammer 2 years at that salary. either way, im ambivalent about the gill vs. hammer debate since i think they bring two different things to the table and i couldn't care less which of the two they resigned.

look at it this way, spacho and campoli aren't injured and we aren't even having this conversation.

"it's easy to look smart in hindsight", i'd say its easier to just bash everything and never offer concrete alternatives or solutions, you can never be wrong that way
Being a GM is about being proactive, and making educated guesses... Can't ever predict injuries, but not expecting Spacek to continue breaking down this year would have to be considered showing very poor foresight. His age, his recent injury issues, and the fact that he was never a great conditioned athlete, should all have been red flags as far as relying on him to stay healthy this year.

Expecting Campoli to be anything more than a bottom pairing addition, also foolish (and frankly i don't think the organization brought him in to be anything but that, and likewise don't think he'd change anything about the fact that our defense is a lot thinner without Harmlik than it would have been with him).

i don't know why you even bother speaking of those who "bash everything", or really of any of the posters who don't have at least some degree of rational behind arguments for/against a player/management/coaching etc.

the board is open to all, from young to old, from educated to uneducated, from experienced to not... of course some people will say things that make little sense, but I hardly think that's indicative of all posters.

several people made strong cases, for or against keeping Hamrlik. Personally I felt we should have prioritized him over Gill/Spacek, and I think "hindsight" is now proving the validity of those who questioned managements decision.

At the time, the "risk" of giving him a 2 year deal, mitigated against his durability and ability to play a variety of roles and ability to play big minutes (even if it seemed to reduce his effectiveness -will be interesting to see if his strong play @ 20+min/game for the Caps can last the season, and how much playing a "supportive" 20+min role as opposed to a "leading" 20min+ role plays into that) was a lot smaller, imo, than the "risk" that Spacek would prove to be inefficient/fragile again this year, or the "risk" that Gill's physical limitations would continue to increase.

PG made a very bad choice, one that is being felt strongly right now, and one that reflects poorly on his ability to strategically assemble the roster...

how do you let Hamrlik walk unless you are SURE Markov will start the season? If there was any doubt, than Hamrlik should have been a given as he was/is clearly better suited than anyone else in our lineup (not named PK) to effectively handle a large workload in Markov's absence.

even if they thought Markov would start the year, given his and Gorges return from injury, it was, and is proving to be, a mistake not to keep the guy who had been reliable in that role and who wanted to stay here.

Bad decision, plain and simple... has nothing to do with "bashing".

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