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10-24-2011, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by DohDog View Post
The only thing I'm saying is;

What would be the point of finishing 8th again, and again and again.

Unless you really think the Habs are Cup contenders with this team... What's the point of having an average team forever.
Because two seasons ago we made it to the conference finals. Last season we took Boston to game 7 riddled with injuries, and because this team has been improving overall. It doesn't look like it now, but they are having a terrible start to the season, whether its the players or the coach or a mix of both.

What's the point of being a fan if you don't finish first is basically what you are asking right? If this team makes the playoffs in 8th place, they still have a chance to win the cup, and while they are an average team during the season... they are above average in the post season where it matters. So while I don't think Montreal is a favourite to win the cup, there is still a chance they might... and isn't that the point of cheering for your team?

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