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11-02-2005, 09:59 PM
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Thanks for everyone's contribution!

Tonight this ball hockey team started its second season. A few guys have decided not to join the team again, but we had a few new guys who accepted to take their place. We were completely beaten up in our defensive zone. We lost 6 to 3, which is not so bad. The other team were doing great passes, which we are not yet able to do. That's the difference.

A few guys got me when they made a series of moves in front of me. When they went to my left, I was going left, they then turned right, then I went right. After a few seconds, I was dizzy and they passed by me quite easily and rushed to the net. Is it because I follow the ball too much? Should not I go on him, forget about the ball, put myself in his way, and hold his stick a bit? Thanks in advance.

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