Thread: Pre-Game Talk: Bernier to start Tuesday vs Devils
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10-24-2011, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Shellz View Post
This is the latest post I can find about what Terry Murray had to say.

This much we know: Jonathan Quick will start tomorrow against the Rangers. As for Saturday against Buffalo, stay tuned. Terry Murray said during training camp that he might be more inclined to go with the ďhot handĒ in goal this season, rather than having a strict schedule for the goalies. The Kings are in a unique situation here. They play tomorrow and Saturday, but then not again until Thursday, so it could reasonably go either way, with Quick starting both games or with Jonathan Bernier getting the call against Buffalo on Saturday. Hereís what Murray said today when asked about his goalie plansÖ

MURRAY: ďThe only thing Iím going to say is that Quick is going to start the game tomorrow, will play the game tomorrow. We talked back home, in the early part of the training camp, where Iíve said that Iím not going to lock myself in, to where i have designated games for the goaltenders. Iím going to play it out right here at the start of the year. Everything is so critical. If we get a goaltender thatís on a roll, to me thatís going to be the right way to go.Ē

To me, that says, if you're winning, you're playing. Quick is on a roll. So, why not let him keep playing? Not that I wouldn't love for Quick to win every game, but that's obviously unreasonable. He is sooner or later going to falter. Then you let Bernier play. If Murray would have never said that, I wouldn't be making a big deal about it. I like that Bernier is going to get a start, he needs to. It's just to me, Murray is going against his word.

What? Nobody expects Quick to play 70 games. Sooner or later Quick is going to need a rest, but since it's still so early in the season...he should just let Quick keep playing because he is playing so well.
Coaches are allowed to make decisions that benefit the team. Obviously TM feels that starting Bernier against NJ is best for the overall success of the team.

That being said I expect people to come on here saying what a genius Murray is if the Kings win the next 3 games and crucify him for this decision if they lose the next 3 games.

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