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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
Confession is good for the soul ["there's no way your thinking is wrong"].
Admitting how right I actually was in this particular instance will not let you off the hook from the appropriate tongue lashing you deserve and will get once I have the time to give it. (Besides, it's not clear if you really said what is perceived you actually meant, or if one more time you, without provocation from me, erred once again!)

This effort to blunt such just rewards will not work.

I don't mind people disagreeing with me.
I mind when they are arrogant and condescending about how THEY think THEY are SO superior, when the actual facts prove them wrong.

I generally prefer to stay on topic, and not engage in vitriol as do some of my detractors from time to time. But I will make a rare exception this time, and give you your comeuppance as soon as it is convenient, so next time, you'll think twice about being this rude to ANYBODY.

I give as good as I get and then some.
More on this when time permits. Prepare to and
I'm still YAWNIG. You're putting us to sleep bern. No one cares. The problem here is your just like every other stubborn human being in the world. The "facts" as you claim them to be are a 2-0 loss to edmonton being the proof that you are God and everyone else are feeble minded peasants. You only accept facts that help your argument. You never accept facts, logic, or critical analysis if it goes against your OPINIONS and theories because it denounces them. That's why I'm done with you. You're a waste of time. But go ahead take the time to give me the "tongue lashing" i deserve. I'm shaking in my boots. The tongue lashing I deserve because I didnt sugarcoat it and spoon feed the opposition to you. Sorry I forgot we live in a much, much more sensitive society where everyone can lawyer up and sue anyone for basically getting their feelings hurt. Keep ranting, I hope they win tonight just to spite you. Then I can come on here and use that ONE win as "facts" as to how you're wrong.

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